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The "Consulting Vault" is where the necessary tools are provided to help creatives, business owners, and leaders complete the final touches of their business venture. The "Vault" is preparation for helping individuals get to fulfillment and Manifestation.


This 30-Day program is for authors, business owners, visionaries, etc., who have completed a manuscript but unable to complete the publishing process or who have outlined a business launch but need to complete the final elements to structure, implement and execute. These are just a cople of examples of incomplete projects, however; it can be any type of project as the principles will apply. 


Participants who meet the criteria will be provided the tools and the framework of the process to complete their project for launch within the 30 days. The program is designed to help steer and guide you across the finish line by providing an environment that has momentum and the energy to help encourage, motivate, and usher you to fulfillment of your desired goal.


The following is the offering of the program:

  • Weekly Sessions - totaling 8 hours over the course of the 30-Day period

  • 2- 30 minute one on one sessions per participant

  • Q&A Sessions - totaling - 2hrs over the course of the 30 Days

  • Demonstrations during live sessions to give participants clarity

  • Outlines, templates, and framework to complete projects

  • One Graphic Design comes with the program 

  • Other Graphics & Marketing Packages are offered a la carte based on the clients need.


Program Value $4997

Group Program Offer for ONLY $1997 per person.

(10- Spaces available -participants will be accepted on a

first come first serve basis)


Click the link to complete the interest form.

This information helps us understand how to best serve you


The 30-Day Program

Next Bootcamp begins, Tuesday June 11, 2024 @7PMCST

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