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Valued Customer,

We take this season of the year to offer our valuable service packages at a discount as our way of saying thank you for supporting BAPM Enterprise through out the year! We would love to help you complete your Vision and Dreams for 2023 as you prepare for all that is before you in 2024. Please use code: BLACKFRIDAY23 and enjoy a savings of 25% at check on any of our Coaching and Consulting Packages. Details about the offer are below. ENJOY!!!

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The special offer is for Coaching and Consulting Packages Only! Services cover any project you may be working on or want to complete. 25% off any Coaching & Consulting Package. Payment less the discount must be paid in full. The following are added bonuses. Use CODE: BLACKFRIDAY23 at checkout. (Vision Enhancement, Vision Deluxe, or Vision Momentum)

  • 30 Days FREE access to the "VISION ROOM" with a 6-month subscription

  • FREE Admission to any Pen2Paper Tour Event or (you may apply the Tour Event Admittance to a Conference Event)


We are always available for any questions or concerns.


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