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I am proud to have worked with some awesome business owners, ministry leaders and individuals over the years. I am thankful for them and value the opportunity I've had to help them strategize, organize and maximize! Take a read and see what clients have to say...


Bridgette Moody has been amazing to work with on the No More Excuses, Only Results Events and Tour. Bridgette plans for the good of the event and for the potential issues. She is focused and poised to mitigate any foreseen and unforeseen risks.  She keeps a backup plan to ensure that the event goes beyond well. She is excellent with training the event team and managing the volunteers. Her plans allow you to host an event locally or move an event across the country. Bridgette Moody has what you need for a first- class event. We love to call her the “Boss Lady”! Once you have had a chance to work with her, you will understand her name too! She is extremely professional and skilled!

Marquita Miller -Joshua
Owner Five Star Tax & Business Solutions
No More Excuses (NEMOR)/Faithpreneur Conference Host 

Kansas City, MO

Lady Bev_1.jpg

I am excited to recommend Bridgette Moody and her ability to provide exceptional service no matter what the task. Brian Tracy said, "if you want to be successful, your first job is to learn what you need to learn in order to achieve the success you desire".  I have watched her grow and excel in ministry and I've had the privilege of working with her on many projects and conferences over the years. I have watched her go from employee to supervisor to manager and now leader/entrepreneur.  Bridgette's attention to detail and follow through is unmatched.  Bridgette's commitment to excellence is exceptional embraced with integrity and high standards. She takes total responsibility for results. Thank you for your being committed, determined, courageous, creative and persistent. You are a trailblazer!!!  I celebrate the next chapter in your life with vigor! 

Beverly Stephens 
Executive Sales Director -Mary Kay Cosmetics
Memphis, TN

Lady Bridgette Moody of BAPM Enterprise has helped my company's success so much over the past 2 years she has worked with me and my team! She's been available whenever I have needed her and always goes above and beyond to support my company. I love the fact it's nothing we can't discuss when it comes to business and she's firm enough to keep me together and organized. She also helped my company to be put in position to receive a $150,000 business loan! Her connection and resources to my company has been invaluable. I really appreciate everything she's done for Treasure Chest Beauty Studio & Spa. 

Tamara Starks
Owner of Treasure Chest Beauty Studio & Spa
Arlington, TX

Leid Reid_1.jpg

We recently hosted our annual Women's Conference and solicited the Organizational Management services of Bridgette Moody.  I must conclude that it was indeed a distinct pleasure to work with Bridgette Moody /BAPM Enterprise. First, I must say that after attentively listening to my concerns, challenges, and needs for the conference; she presented an easy-to-follow plan of action for the ministry to execute.  She was professional in all interactions and exceptionally organized and detailed oriented in her presentations.  She was prompt in follow up and in answering any questions about the work plan.  I was impressed that Ms. Moody was very knowledgeable about her customer's needs and equipped me and the ministry team with the necessary tools to properly execute the ministry's vision to receive our desired results. Bridgette Moody/BAPM Enterprise is a great resource for any ministry, and they will do their homework to make sure that client's needs are met above all others.  I will definitely be using them for future events.

First Lady Linda K. Reid
Mt. Grove Baptist Church 
Texarkana, AR

Habakkuk 2:2 And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.

Bridgette Moody has been the leader of each business venture that I have launched. She is one who does not need a push to get the job done. She is creative, intuitive, informative, knowledgeable, direct in communication, relatable, and professional!  These words just scratch the surface of this woman who is skilled enough to handle any project that is placed before her. I have had the privilege of working with her since 2010. She is a pillar in my business as well as my life. What I enjoy the most when working with Bridgette Moody is that she listens, and she never imposes her will. She gives you several possible outcomes to your quest to bring forth the vision that has been placed in your heart and mind. If you want to take your business or organization to the next level without hesitation.... I recommend Bridgette Moody! You can count on her to show up strong so that you will shine.

Anastasia Franklin BA, LMT. MTI
Wellness & Spa Entrepreneur 
Dallas, TX 

I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering with Ms. Moody on several different occasions, each time I observed her with great wisdom. She is always very professional, and she is extremely knowledgeable in every area as an Organizational Manager. Ms. Moody listens to what you are trying to have accomplished and with ease transforms them into a reality. She keeps the projects on track and holds you accountable. My sincere thanks to Ms. Moody for the opportunity to glean and the learning experience.

Felicia Johnson Alexander 
Appointed Concierge
Saginaw, MI

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