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As a Clarity Coach, vision and purpose are the objectives of my gift and my craft to help others gain clarity about the self-awareness and the self-direction of their endeavors. Particularly, we provide conversational strategies to help individuals get the clarity to get on track and going in the right direction, while focusing on the right thing at the right time.  

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Clarity Conversations is a practical, casual and informal setting to help individuals gain the clarity needed to move forward and implement and execute the endeavor that is most closely related to their gifting, calling, and purpose. The initial "Conversation Lounge" will be Monday, June 17th and it is FREE! Join us and learn about some of the ways you can help to gain clarity when you have multiple thoughts about a particular venture, or multiple things going at once how to establish manageability in order to have some sustainability as you grow, learn, and develop what may be totally unclear.  Tips, tools, and techniques will be shared. This is a group setting. 

Next Session - Monday, July 15th @ 7PMCST
Are you interested in group conversations for collaborative growth or one on one?
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